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Problems ARE Opportunities
it should be realised, even if they are dressed rather "Goth".

So... Do I go around looking for problems? .. well, to some extent, yes I do, in order to find the opportunity to solve them. Seeking opportunities that "have no problems" is for the dull and over-indulged expectant people. Opportunities have to be MADE out of problems, or out of opportunities, and there's usually a heap of "me too's" shoving and hanging around obvious and well worn "apparent" opportunities..

Do I get into problems? .. Shit yeah! .. hard not to when looking for DIFFICULT opportunities, and where is the joy in doing easy work?

Do I want to fight? - No.. that is not my desire, I want to help, but power people want to keep others "down" and controlled, particularly people like me who refuse to do their bidding on an "or else" basis. such is not the right thing to demand of another, and not the right thing for me to do, even if it is "a lot easier" for me.

Stuff that, Alan Moss, Macquarie Bank and Co. and those in sydney federal court, situated below their corporate tower on Macquarie Street, the power and corruption centre of Sydney and the australian government of EITHER party. It's a KRUDD.BIZ and if the government only seek to ignore or tread on me too, then they must be put out before it's a safe place to (ethically) live again,

Jayne Jagot. Did the government block my emails to you too, or perhaps you chose to accept bribes or ignore any sense of fair play? what is it? what are you?

Lord Oxford (in exile)

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